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What are the parts of a book?

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What are the parts of a book?

Mon, 07/25/2011 - 10:36

What are book parts?
Ano ang mga bahagi ng libro o aklat?

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A book contains written

Mon, 07/25/2011 - 10:37

A book contains written materials on paper pages that are bound together for the purpose of being read.

The different parts of a book are book cover, front endpaper, flyleaf, title page, copyright page, dedication, foreword, prepace or introduction, table of contents, body or text, appendix, bibliography, glossary, index, colophon and rear cover.

Book Cover, which protects the body, is composed of hardbound or softcover (paperback) materials.  It has a spine that connect the front and rear covers where the pages hinge.  

Front endpaper and flyleaf are blank leaves following the book cover.

Title page is the page at the beginning of the book, containing the title of the book and the author and publisher.

Copyright page contains the copyright date.

Dedication page contains the author's dedication of the book.

Acknowledgment contains the author's acknowledgment of the people who helped its publication possible.

Foreword is usually an introduction written by someone other than the author.

Prepace (Introduction) is the introduction to a book written by the author.

Table of Contents lists the books contents, arranged by chapter and section.

Body contains the text of the book.

Back Matter includes the appendix, glossary, index, notes, bibliography, colophon, flyleaf, rear endpaper, and rear cover.

An appendix is usually an additional material that provides context.

Glossary lists words and their meanings.

Index lists names and subjects in alphabetical order.


Bibliography is a list of books, magazines, journals, and other materials used as reference or sources of information.

Colophon contains a brief description of the printing and publication of the book.